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Boston T. Party's 'Blog

April-May, 2004

It was a busy and productive 6 weeks! I spoke at three state LP conventions (UT, WY, CO) and the Wyoming State Shooting Association, taught two gun classes and was a guest instructor at a third.

Also, I spent 3 weeks in Wyoming - much of which was in Crook County in the northeast corner, my choice for the initial county of Free State Wyoming. There I met many locals who were very receptive to the upcoming wave of libertarian gunowners! My visit definitely has paved the way for us to begin moving to Crook Co. with strong local support. (More on that in the near weeks ahead.)

I met the county's business tycoon who owns the local sawmill and 19,000 acres. Hearing that I was a shooter, he invited me to his ranch to take out some prairie dogs ("lawn poodles"). This was a welcome diversion, and I spent a great day in the grass with my truck's Marlin .22LR.

Spring, 2004

This was the second confab of western free staters, dominated by Montana folks. Although Idaho folks were welcome, not one attended. I was one of two headlined speakers. J.J. Johnson was the other, but he did not show up, and we never heard from him why not.

With J.J. not there, I had to fill up a couple of extra speaking slots. (If I was nearly empty of things to talk about, the audience didn't seem to know.) I spoke about the Free State Wyoming, on the actual bearing of arms, and about the realistic future of American liberty.

A real surprise was to meet several young Canadians there, and unabashed gun nuts! While I suspected that things were pretty bad up there, I really had no idea. These poor guys were in Montana heaven! Packing a .45 into the hotel bar, taking your drink out in a "to-go" cup, and living as free men had my new young friends in a continuous state of wide-eyed rapture. They are now actively relocating their businesses down here, and I welcome such new Americans to the West!

Although the conference was heavily laden with Montanans, most of the attendees gathered in "Wyoming corner" to discuss the Free State Wyoming, and what it would take for each of them to move and thrive there. Two dozen or so folks (from as far away as OK, TX, and IL) each pledged their intention to move to Wyoming, beginning this year!

Personalities and professions of all types were present, from electricians to teachers to nurses to programmers to roofers. Even an author/publisher. By just those present, we could have a viable working local economy. When I mentioned this, it was a heady realization for all.

The conference formalized its Vision, Mission, and Goals:


We are creating a network of communities in Montana and Wyoming that maximize individual liberty and freedom.


To maximize freedom and liberty.


1) Enhancing rights to ownership, use, defense and transfer of private property.

2) Recognizing and defending personal sovereignty.

3) Rejecting coercion and fraud.

4) Promoting and safeguarding a culture of voluntary association.

5) Promoting and safeguarding free markets and free trade.

6) To achieve these ends, limiting all governments.

The GWCII was held in a fabulous historic hotel, the Sacajewa (built in 1910). The staff were superb, and never batted an eye at all our sidearms and earnest discussion.

There seemed to be a litany of Montana Highway Patrol cruising through town, and come to find out that the local cops had heard that the "Montana Militia" had arrived. Groan.

Three Forks is a very pleasant small town, and a real highlight was the annual drive of mustang horses down Main Street. But for the cars present, it could have been 90 years ago! All of us there had a great time. Drinking beer and smoking cigars in rocking chairs on the hotel portico quickly became a favorite pastime of my gang. I can't wait for such convivial and normal times with my friends up in Wyoming!

I thank my fellow Wyomingites Dave Dawson (Casper) and Dennis Brossman (Lander) for attending and bolstering the Wyoming contingent. Finally, I thank Quincy OrHai for inviting and hosting me, and Mike Fellows of the Montana LP for paying my way. Gary Marbut and Don Doig were also great local help for the Monday Fun Shoot.

If Montana did not have nearly twice the people of Wyoming, it would be a toss up for a western free state. Nonetheless, there are many exciting things going on in Montana, and their RKBA crowd is very active and effective. If Wyoming somehow isn't for you, do check out Montana. Being our FSW neighbor is the next best thing.



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