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Free State Wyoming Jamboree 2005 and 2006 wrap-up information can be found on the Free State Wyoming Forum.

Free State Wyoming Jamboree
Labor Day Weekend, 2004

Read a full report from one of our attendees.


4th Annual FSW Jamboree
22-24 June 2007

LOCATION: Near Guernsey, WY. Guernsey (pop. 1100) is located on Hwy. 26, just 15 miles east of IH-25 (exit 92). Look on a map between Casper and Cheyenne.

Guernsey has two gas stations, three m(h)otels, an auto parts store, two restaurants, three bars, a bowling alley, 9-hole golf course, and a grocery. It's a very pleasant town with a wide and flowing river, and beautiful local terrain.

NEARBY TOWNS: Torrington and Wheatland (both 30 minutes away)

The weekend before (16-17 June) there will be a Cheyenne gun show at the Fairgrounds, if you're passing through.

FIRING RANGES: Home to the Wyoming National Guard's Camp Guernsey, a training facility with thousands of acres. We have reserved for our exclusive enjoyment Sat/Sun two of their ranges, the Known Distance (KD) 1100 meter range and the Pop Up Range. (Those of you at the Frozen Chosin and other matches know these ranges well!)

There will be a competent crew running clinics/matches at both ranges on both days. You won't find better shooting or range officers in the entire West!

Saturday and Sunday range use is included in the Jam fee, and Jamboreesters have precedence over other shooters (who pay the $20 fee to Boston for him to reimburse the range).

For more info, visit the Jamboree thread on our Message Board.

Molôn labé!

Boston T. Party




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